Worms Zone - The battle of life and death between worms

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Worms Zone

Worms Zone

Welcome to a thrilling survival battle - Worms Zone! Your ultimate goal is to survive as long as possible in this addictive abcya games game. Slither, eat and stay alive! Have fun!

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Worms Zone GamePlay:

Inspired by Slither.io, Worms Zone online brings you to the heart of a thrilling battle among various colorful worms. It’s another fun and addicting game that. ABCya 3 wants to introduce to you. Fun gameplay, bright graphics, and cute characters, you will have the best gaming experience ever with other players from all over the world. Simple but challenging, your objective here is to become the longest and biggest on the battlefield.

You will be the king if you conquer the first place in the leaderboard. In order to be a king with a shiny crown on the head, in the beginning, you must try to eat as many little creatures on the map as possible. Move around and collect these kinds of food to become longer. When you are grown enough, you can eliminate other worms by making them hit your body with their head. When they die, quickly absorb what their body leaves behind. Slither carefully because your opponents will apply the same strategy as you do. The battle lasts 3 minutes - a short time but still enough to give you an unforgettable moment. Don’t forget to collect some useful power-ups on the maps.

It allows you to speed up or zoom the map and some even give you multiply 5 times the score. Level up your worm and you will have more beautiful skin to customize it. This game offers 3 interesting game modes for you to test your survival skill. Try them all and conquer the leaderboard with your power. Enjoy! Be ready to face more challenges in another game related to this one called Silly Snakes and Color Snake at https://abcya3.net

Controls: Use your mouse to navigate and left click to speed up.

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