Frog Fights With Buddies

Frog Fights With Buddies

The adventure of frogs in the lake is very interesting. Join now the online game Frog Fights With Buddies at abcya 3 games free. Accept any challenge! Enjoy!

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Frog Fights With Buddies GamePlay:

Welcome to the online game Frog Fights With Buddies at abcya 3 games. You will be participating in some challenges on the lake with very funny frogs. What are you waiting for? Start participating now and experience a lot of the novelties of this game. We will have challenges that are attractive and make players unwilling to give up.

Kick your frog opponent into the water. You will control the frog to move on the leaves on the lake. You will help him change his jumping position on the leaves to knock his opponent out. You need to be fast so as not to be strangely played by your opponent. Will you or your opponent survive in the end? It all depends on your agility. Your opponent is very agile, confirm your precise jumps. You love this game. Join now the online game Frog Fights With Buddies at https://abcya3.net/

Ready to accept all those challenges. Friendly casual frog theme with beautiful artwork. The control is very simple but you need to pay attention to choosing the appropriate direction to jump to the leaf correctly. The frog will rotate the circle and align his mouth with the leaf to jump. Jump correctly or he will fall into the lake and you will have to play again. It takes time to get to those things. You need to do well and conquer everything in this game. The game has many levels. Knock all your frog opponents into the lake and you will be the winner. Play some more games similar to Rider.io and Monsters.io to enjoy more fun.

Game controls: Use a mouse to play the game.

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