Ladybugs Box Tower – How high can you build?

  • Ladybugs Box Tower

Ladybugs Box Tower

Ladybugs Box Tower

Drop the boxes to build your tower as tall as you can before the time runs out! Have a great time with Ladybugs Box Tower online game at abcya3.

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Ladybugs Box Tower GamePlay:

In the Ladybugs Box Tower, your task is to build a tower made of boxes as tall as possible in a limited time. Here at abcya game, you have 60 seconds to build your tower. And what you need to do is to click or tap the game screen to drop your boxes into the arranged ground.  

The thing is that the boxes move constantly at a fast speed. Thus, good eye-hand coordination is necessary if you want to master the game. Keep your eyes to observe and try to take prompt action. A tower is solid when it stands on solid foundations, right? So, if you want to build your tower taller, let's create solid foundations first.  

Your score is calculated based on the number of boxes you used to build your tower and the number of the tower's floors. Then, the taller your tower is and the more boxes it contains, the more points you will get.  

You may not get a high score the first few times, don't be upset! Take your time to get acquainted with the gameplay and improve your skills, positive changes will come in your new results. The game automatically saves the best score. Will you replay and set a new record? Enjoy your time!

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How to play? Use your mouse to play this game on the computer; or tap on the game screen when you play it on the mobile phone.

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