• Ninja VS Slime

Ninja VS Slime

Ninja VS Slime

After a long time training, your masters allow you to take part in an epic battle. Use your ninja skills and throw your shurikens to kill all evil slimes. In Ninja VS Slime, they are invading the world. Don’t let it happen. Try to get as many darts as pos

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Ninja VS Slime GamePlay:

Evil slimes are invading the Earth. Humanity is in danger. Who can save us now? It’s you - our powerful ninja. You have been trained by several Ninja Masters for so long.

Now, you are strong and skillful enough to join the battle. In Ninja VS Slime - an awesome shooting game in which you are alone face tons of enemies. You have to use your ninja skills to throw your shurikens and defeat maximum evil slimes. More and more evil slimes are coming. At Abcya3 game for kid, you must notice that the numbers on the head of each type of enemy. It corresponds to the number of darts hit the target to be able to destroy. Each time you throw your shurikens, you can get extra shurikens. Determine the perfect direction to kill as many enemies as possible. Don’t let them approach you. If they touch you, you will die. So, try your best to defeat them right away they enter the battlefield at Abcya. The sooner they are killed, the better you can control the battle. Gradually, your foes are much stronger and you will find it harder to kill hem, but don’t worry, with your bravery and ninja skills, you will win.

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How to play:

Use your mouse to aim and throw your shurikens.

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