Symphony of Bones

Symphony of Bones

An interesting endless runner game is waiting for you at abcya games named Symphony of Bones online. Use your music to defeat all denizens of the dead. Have fun!

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Symphony of Bones GamePlay:

You don’t know where you have stepped into until you saw skeletons and headstones. Where is it? You are in the final resting place of the late composer called Johannes Bones. You make him angry and now an army of skeletons await for you, trying to stop you escape from here.

They want you to become a denizen of the dead. Of course, that’s what you want. Let’s use your music to defeat them and escape this hell immediately. Symphony of Bones online game is an interesting endless runner game combines with shooting factor set in a cemetery in the dark night. How can you get here? No one knows the reason. Anyway forget about it a moment and find a way to stay alive. In this abcya game, your character moves automatically.

Your mission is to make him jump over the obstacles and shoot down skeletons rising from the ground. Your escaping journey is full of dangers and deadly traps. Only distract 1 second, you will die. Stay focused and action at the right time. Try to survive as long as possible.

Here at https://abcya3.net/, you can shoot anytime you want. However, when the beat ring closes to you, you can shoot the perfect notes which deal lots of damage. Shooting off the beat will create a weak attack. Over time, you will face more dangers and enemies. What is waiting for you in front? Go ahead and find out! Good luck. Don’t forget to enjoy another fun game called Tank Trouble 2 and Batman Missons: Gotham City Mayhem.

How to play: Press X to jump, C to make a yellow shot, V to make a purple shot and down arrow key to drop down from ledges.

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