Shapik The Quest - Guide the couple through the scary jungle

  • Shapik The Quest

Shapik The Quest

Shapik The Quest

The alien hero crashed into the deep forest. He needs to get out. Help him play Shapik The Quest online at abcya3 online games. Even more fun!

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Shapik The Quest GamePlay:

If you love adventures. You can join some fun games like the online game Shapik The Quest at abcya 3 games. Accept challenges to solve fun puzzles. Are you ready to be a brave warrior? We will have a lot of special things when playing this game. You will discover a very lucky and unique forest. Some skills make you feel the joy of playing.

In Shapik The Quest, you guide a little alien hero and his bee friend across a distant world and solve puzzles at this point and click adventure. Solve all puzzles and riddles in 9 levels and meet the same alien creatures. Enjoy the atmospheric world in a new style and guide them around the world safely. That hero fell into the deep forest and he has no friends. He then saves the bee and they become best friends. They help each other through the forest and go on many adventures. Enjoy the fun of participating in the online game Shapik The Quest at

You will have the opportunity to experience and challenge yourself. You will solve puzzles on each level. Must find tips to be able to climb to the top and enter new worlds, new lands. When you answer all the questions you have completed the level. You have 9 levels. Lovely design atmosphere. The game gives players many emotions. Are you ready to start these exciting games? If you love it, you can play some more games similar to Toys Shooter You Vs Zombies and Fun Fishing. Enjoy passion.

Instructions: Use your mouse or mobile touch to guide the little hero or bee to interact with the objects in the game.

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