Tetris is a classic tile-matching game that many people all over the world love and play all the time. Why is it so attractive? Once you play it, you will find out the answer. It’s easy to play but hard to master. If you’re finding a simple but challenging game, then Teris online is a great choice for you. Play it at abc games for 4 year olds.

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Tetris GamePlay:

What more are you looking for? Tons of blocks in different shapes are here waiting for you to assemble. Tetris is a classic tile-matching puzzle game all the time. Everyone loves it. What about you? It’s both entertaining and challenging. Easy to play but difficult to master, this game will make you keep playing. There is nothing hard to understand.


At abcya.com games, tons of colorful blocks in different shapes will be falling down one by one from the top of the screen and your mission is to arrange them in order to create the solid lines without any gaps in the bottom of the playing board. Once a line is created, it will disappear and you earn points. Try your best to arrange them neatly to pass the current level and move to the next one.


As you level up, the difficulty of the game increases significantly. The falling speed of the blocks increases too, so you have to think quickly and place each block in the most suitable position to get point. Here at abcya games for kids, don’t let any blocks reach the top of the field, otherwise, the game ends. Plan a wisely strategy on every move you make. By doing that, you will easily clear the lines and get the high point.


Let’s see what your highest point is. Enjoy the game with your friends to have more fun. Good luck! Other interesting games are waiting for you at https://abcya3.net/ Try out Tetris Mania and Hexagon Fall


How to play:

Use the left and right arrow key to move the blocks

Up arrow key to rotate the blocks

Down arrow key to accelerate the falling blocks.

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