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Claim the title of the best strategist by surviving the attacks of scary zombies in Yorg. io, a brand new io game at abcya3 .This online game is full of fun and interesting features, so check it out!

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Yorg. io GamePlay:

Yorg. io is a game about defending your port against the zombies, which means the ultimate goal is to protect your base until the end. You need to protect your building with as many defensive Towers as possible. These cost resources, which you need to mine. Everything in Yorg.io is about crystals which you can use to buy or upgrade your existing ones. First, each player will start off the game by building a base.

In this io game from abcya free games, the base is your most important building and the zombies will try to destroy it, therefore, do your best to build a strong base. There is an indicator showing the Time of the Day. The blue part of the circle indicates the night and the zombies will spawn in that period. Moreover, you can control the speed of the game as you wish using the button at the top of the screen.

You can stop, pause, regular speed and fast forward as well. But keep in mind that you can only pause the game during the daytime. This feature allows you to build, sell and upgrade, but no resources will be harvested in that time. Another tip for you is that in order to manage the movement in this game, take advantage of the minimap. Not only will the map show the zombies' locations during nighttime but you can also use it to orientate yourself over the map.

The game is perfect for players who love strategy games with cool graphics and a detailed tutorial. For more games like this, check out some options like Dominia. io and Hole.io at https://abcya3.net/


Choose and interact using the mouse.

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