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Drag and drop the circle at the best time to avoid collisions. Look forward to a lot of interesting things that are only in the game Line Side at …

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Line Side GamePlay:

Quick reflexes can help your circle safely return on an endless adventure. This is a game with extremely simple and attractive graphic design in the game Line Side at https://abcya3.net/. You can join it online for free without having to pay any amount. You will control the circle with simple gameplay. The key is to go left or right to dodge all the squares in front of you. These squares are running consecutively. Their positions are adjacent to each other. It's hard for you to find a space for your circle to move into.

You need to make the best use of this opportunity to be able to dodge all the attacks of these squares. The square is running on a long road at a dizzying speed. You can quickly reflect to help the circle overcome these countless pitfalls or not depends on your intelligence. Take the dodge circle to get yourself the highest score. The later the number of squares will be more and more out. To do that you need to change lines quickly and react quickly. You have to estimate the distance traveled by the square to find the most precise gaps.

Because this square is not stationary it is moving. It is difficult for you to estimate and find your path. Find the gaps to bring your circle through the most exciting adventure. Such an interesting game you should share with all your friends so that together you can learn for yourself the real reflex experience even faster. Train in a game with a simple style in the game Line Side at abcya 3 games. Why don't you join a few more similar long back adventure games like Lucky Tap and Pin Water Rescue

Control: use mouse to be able to control the circle left and right.

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